NWJewelery Eastgate - False promises liar

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NWJ eastgate sold me a ring and affirmed me that it was of quality, little did I know that after a 2 years it will start evaporating and bending like a fake( Fong kong) I made NWJ aware and Cythia told me that their target market is people who cannot afford expensive rings therefore their jewelery has less mineral.

This wa not explained to me upon purchase. I sent an email to Romona an Loise at their head office but they as just as useless and dont know how to treat a customer. I have requeted them to give me a document on a company letter head confirming all they are saying so I can go to the press inorder for the SA citizens to know that this store takes people for a ride.

I will never buy from there cause now they have fixed the ring with a condition that it will bend again and I must foot the bill. These people think money grows from tress.

I wont rest till the whole of SA knows about this

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